Saturday, January 6, 2024

On Love

 When I last checked in, my life was a little different. Just to recap, I did not manage to patch things up with the person I let down, who had previously been referred to as R2 in my Soulmates post. We broke up,   and K and I got together. K is also D's girlfriend, so the three of us are a triad together, and this week, K moved in with D and I.

R1 (furthermore to be simply referred to as R) and I also became an item on New Year's Eve, and I am possibly the happiest I have ever been.

When I spend time with my loves, my heart soars to heights I never thought possible. I asked P today, "How can one heart hold this much love and still beat?" It doesn't seem possible, yet here I am, madly in love with three people.

The first time each of them kissed me was electric.

Holding each of their hands feels like magic.

Being held by them all makes me feel safe, warm, and loved.

I don't want this to ever end.

Please, never let this end.

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