Thursday, September 13, 2018


The wolves come out in droves when there's an injured prey hanging around, don't they? Especially the weaker wolves who couldn't do the initial dirty work themselves.

I often wonder what joy it brings to people to torment anonymous strangers in another part of the country and/or world. What kind of bliss do they experience while acting like the trash that's been sitting in the can for three weeks, stinking up the place with their festering, rotten stench?

The first wolf realized its prey was not a desirable target, and left it alone, albeit limping along a bit. This new pack, though, seems not to have learned the lesson that the lone wolf did, and so we have a few choices of what to do. I'm not going to disclose my choice, or even what the choices are, but I have hope that I'm making the correct choice.

These wolves will be taken down. They will not destroy sheep where there are none. The wolf made the mistake of thinking its prey was yet another sheep. The wolf was wrong.

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